Independence without the headaches.

We help you grow your practice without the hassle of managing one.

NuvoAir Medical powers independent cardiologist and pulmonologist practices with a full suite practice management and patient engagement platform. Backed by people with a mission to make cardiopulmonary care available to patients, we supercharge forward-looking physicians to grow their practice and enhance clinical excellence.

We give cardiologists and pulmonologists super powers.

As your management services partner, we empower independent cardiologists and pulmonologists to thrive while maintaining practice ownership. Our tailored care team, patient-centric platform, and cutting-edge devices provide a concierge-like experience for patients—without the hefty price tag. Let us handle administrative tasks, so you can focus on patient care. Our growth engine expands your patient base, activates new CPT codes, and extends your reach nationally.

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When independence meets financial and clinical outcomes

Maintain your clinical autonomy and ownership, while we do some magics behind the scene.

New revenue stream

We enable your practice to take advantage of new revenue streams by monetizing Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management codes and services. Our care team of RNs, RTs, Health Coaches, physiologists and more leverage our engagement platform to help you care for patients in-between visits in the comfort of the patients’ homes.

Our growth and marketing team will work with you to expand the number of and volume from community referral partners. We contract with local and national health plans and PCP organizations to take care of large cohorts of cardiopulmonary patients, placing them within our network of high value specialists

Reduced administrative burden

We supply your practice with the platforms and teams you need to remove the headaches of running a practice. We take care of things like your EHR, RCM, Prior-authorizations, DME management, medication refills, scheduling, patient onboarding, outreach and even marketing and websites. The less you focus on admin tasks the more you can provide top-notch in person care.

Enhanced clinical outcomes

Partnering with NuvoAir Medical offers pulmonologists and cardiologists a cutting-edge approach to patient care. Through advanced cardiopulmonary analytics and remote patient monitoring, healthcare professionals can detect subtle changes in patient conditions earlier, leading to timely interventions. This proactive model not only improves patient outcomes but also streamlines the management of chronic respiratory and cardiac conditions, enhancing overall treatment efficacy.

We’re a great partner to have for your medical business needs

The only thing we do not do yet is serving coffee in the morning, but we are working hard on it. Italian coffee, naturally.

Marketing engine

By partnering with NuvoAir Medical, specialists gain access to a powerful growth engine designed to enhance practice visibility, increase patient numbers, and ultimately boost revenue. We provide comprehensive marketing and business development services. Our marketing department crafts tailored strategies, including website creation, social media campaigns, SEOs and patient engagement initiatives, to expand your patient panel. We secure advantageous contracts with insurance providers and supports specialists with a steady stream of patients needing cardiac and pulmonary care.

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