Enhancing Your Practice for Cardiopulmonary Patients

As a specialty care provider, NuvoAir augments your practice to improve efficiency, engagement, and outcomes for your COPD, CHF, and asthma patients. Our interdisciplinary team supports patients through remote monitoring, personalized care programs, and access to appointments beyond practice hours in our virtual clinic.

Enabling proactive care

Personalized programs

We tailor clinical programs to members' unique needs, based on their motivations and risk factors.

Clinically relevant data

Our devices continuously and remotely collect biomarkers to empower the best clinical decisions.

Virtual clinic

Our interdisciplinary care team conducts timely clinical interventions whenever patients need help or signals in the data indicate concern.

Exacerbation prevention

Our analytics engine drives the next best action in our clinical model to predict and prevent exacerbations.

Extending the value of your practice

Deeper patient engagement: Helping your patients engage more deeply with your practice and their health by assisting them with their unique needs, including medication management, smoking cessation, pulmonary rehabilitation, and more.

More efficient visits: We help improve the efficiency of office visits by providing real-time lung health data and closing the loop between your patient's health at home and your office.

New revenue streams: Our connected devices and digital care engine can unlock remote patient monitoring billing codes, increasing your practice revenue.

Timely access to specialists: Offering care when your patients need it most, day and night through a team of pulmonologists, cardiologists, respiratory therapists, health coaches, and nurses.

A woman using getting an SPO2 reading

Partnering with your practice

NuvoAir partners with ACOs, individual practices, health plans, and health systems to improve outcomes and reduce costs for cardiopulmonary patients. We can partner with you in two arrangements:

NuvoAir can adapt to a traditional FFS model based on services rendered.
Value-based care:
NuvoAir can partner with you on crafting VBC risk arrangement models.

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