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The most comprehensive digital ecosystem to help you better manage your patients and prevent respiratory deteriorations before they occur.

Benefits of NuvoAir Home

The NuvoAir platform provides unparalleled insights into patients outside the clinic

Better Insights

Monitor clinically relevant data and flag important changes in health and behavior in real time

Treatment Decisions

Measure medication effectiveness and proactively tweak treatment plans to optimize outcomes

Meet Quality Standards

Leverage the NuvoAir platform to meet quality requirements and enable reimbursement

A woman using a spirometer and a screenshot of the app

Lung Function Monitoring

CE marked Bluetooth spirometer measures lung health from home. Get full spirometry data from each session, see example here.

User friendly

Adherence to Therapy

NuvoAir sensor attaches to pMDI inhalers your patients already have. The sensors automatically track when and how patients use their medications

Use with existing pMDI
Track inhalation technique
Visualise adherence
Understand rescue usage
A woman using an asthma inhaler with and AOS device attached
A woman sleeping and a screenshot of the Cough App running on an iPhone

Cough Count App

NuvoAir Cough App allows your patients to keep track of their nightly coughs to better understand their symptoms.

≥80% Accuracy
cough count

No additional

See trends
between nights

Fitbit Integration

We equip patients with tools for success. Our dedicated care team supports patients to better manage their respiratory health at home

FitBit products shown connected to the NuvoAir Home app

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We partner with NHS Trusts to support respiratory clinicians to accelerate diagnosis, optimize treatment and empower patients to better self-manage their condition.

Screenshots of NuvoAir Home app and NuvoAir Clinician Portal