Revolutionizing Clinical Trials.

The end-to-end platform for clinical trials.

Capture high-quality digital endpoints at home or in the clinic with a location-agnostic solution that is changing the way trials are conducted.

Designed with patients and study sites in mind

NuvoAir’s clinical trials solution is changing the way clinical trials are conducted by allowing participants to record high-quality biomarkers from anywhere, expanding access to trials while improving the patient experience.

Collect cardiopulmonary biomarkers from anywhere

Our platform advances the clinical trial experience with an integrated suite of monitoring technologies that can collect biomarkers no matter where your trial occurs.


Virtual patient and visit management through fully integrated video and messaging services. Including screen-sharing capabilities, replicating the in-person experience

Enhancing data quality and study execution

An interconnected suite of technology solutions enables cross-modality communication and enhanced study management capabilities

Graphical data visualization

Visualize data through graphs and reports to easily identify trends and outliers

Professionally vetted, proven experience

70+ publications

150+ sites

30+ countries

40+ clinical trials

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