Revolutionizing the Clinical Trial Experience

An end-to-end platform capturing real-time digital endpoints, at home and in the clinic.

NuvoAir’s Clinical Trial Solution

Our platform advances the clinical trials experience with an integrated suite of monitoring technologies that collect cardiopulmonary biomarkers.


Virtual patient and visit management through fully integrated video and messaging services. Including screen-sharing capabilities, replicating the in-person experience


FDA-cleared digital biomarker data in real-time such as ATS2019 validated spirometry, FeNO, Cough, pMDI Inhaler sensors, Sp02, and more


Qualitative and validated eCOA (ePRO, ClinRo, ObsRO, PerfRO) data capture in accordance with ALCOA+ principles both at patients home and in the clinic

Triggered events

Fully customizable event notifications sent directly to Patients, Investigators, Monitors, and Sponsors optimizing clinical safety and protocol adherence


Tailored platform integration capabilities with all systems such as eConsent, EDC, IRT, CTMS, and more, enabling a unified experience throughout the trial


Why NuvoAir?

Our Ecosystem enables both at-home and in-clinic data collection and is designed with patients and study sites in mind.


Modern Platform

We use integrated state-of-the-art technology to enable access to all site and patient data in our platform.

fast and flexible

Location Agnostic

We eliminate the need for fixed workstations, freeing sites, and patients to conduct study activities at any location.

data driven

Real-Time Data

Data connects wirelessly and is securely transferred to our cloud database in real time, empowering clinical trial users to make decisions and take action swiftly.

high quality

Seamless Experience

With open-ended integration capabilities, we reduce sponsor and site burden by eliminating repetitive tasks between different clinical trial systems.

Data Quality

An interconnected suite of technology solutions enables cross-modality communication and enhanced study management capabilities

Graphical data visualization Visualize data through graphs and reports to easily identify trends and outliers

Real-Time Alerts Alerts are provided directly to users with guidance toward appropriate action to simplify day-to-day study management tasks

Risk based monitoring Reports provide powerful insights into study risk areas for accelerated mitigations.

Virtual Coaching With the ability to connect with patients at any time through our Telemedicine solution, we increase compliance and study adherence


An integrated ecosystem tailored around respiratory health to improve the lives of those suffering from lung conditions and support providers in making better and faster clinical decisions.

40+ publications

150+ sites

30+ countries

40+ clinical trials

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Decentralize your clinical trials with one single platform

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