Easing pressure and saving money for the NHS.

Helping people understand and manage their health from home

NuvoAir is a digital health company that partners with the NHS to help patients understand and manage their health from home.

Remote monitoring and diagnostics for heart and lung conditions

NuvoAir offers various solutions for the NHS, from Primary Care Networks to Specialist Acute Hospitals enabling better care for complex patients. Our offerings include specialist assessment and monitoring, care coordination in primary care, and diagnostic pathways.

Generating clinically relevant data overseen by our clinicians

Our devices remotely collect biomarkers to empower the best clinical decisions, while being easy to use for patients from the comfort of their homes.

Air Next Spirometer

Bluetooth and cell-enabled spirometer

Aos inhaler sensor

Add-on sensor that tracks inhaler usage and technique

Weight scale

Tracks weight change over time

Activity tracker

Integrated with Apple Health and Fitbit to track physical activity

Digital questionnaires

Patient reported outcomes

Pulse oximeter

Measures oxygen saturation and pulse rate

Learn about NuvoAir’s Asthma Service