The Lung and Heart Care You Deserve from The Comfort of Your Home

Managing your lung and heart health can be hard—especially with chronic conditions like COPD, congestive heart failure, or asthma. We make it easy for you with same-day telehealth appointments and ongoing care for your respiratory needs.

The care you need, when you need it

Same-day appointments

See a doctor when you need help via telehealth

Dedicated team

Spend all the time you need with our team of lung health experts

Ongoing care

Get access to ongoing personalized care for your COPD, at no cost to you

Meet your care team

Through our virtual clinic, you can meet with our doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and health coaches to empower you and your family to manage your health in the comfort and safety of your own home. Our program includes pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation, medication management, and remote monitoring.

Eric Harker, MD

Dr. Eric Harker is an internal medicine specialist with 20 years of experience managing complex conditions in seniors. He is passionate about providing convenient, personalized, and high quality health care to people with heart and lung diseases.

Sarah McKinley, MD

Dr. Sarah McKinley is a pulmonary and critical care physician who is a Medical Consultant at EBSCO. She received her medical degree from University of Mississippi School of Medicine and has practiced in the Denver metro area for 20 years.

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We’re accepting patients with coverage through Medicare, Medicaid and major insurance partners.

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