High adherence, reliability and concordance with hospital-based spirometry in Boston Children's Hospital study

COPD members are highly engaged when supported by care coordinators in NuvoAir Virtual-First Care

Data quality and adherence rates show promise for long-term monitoring of pediatric asthma

CF patients and clinicians report time savings with home spirometry

CF patients report improved consultations with providers and understanding of their condition

US COPD pilot shows patient reported reduction in hospitalizations and improved quality of life

Study in Italy with virtual care for CF shows reduction in exacerbations

NuvoAir spirometry FEV1 data predicts asthma exacerbations

Engagement, patient experience and self reported outcomes in monitoring severe asthma

Improvement in lung function and reduction in exacerbations in CF

Improved attendance and reduced hospital admission rates for difficult to treat asthma

Reduced booked and urgent face-to-face consultations in cystic fibrosis

Remote monitoring with personalized support for people with COPD results in high engagement

High data quality and adherence in remote asthma diagnosis assessment program

Weekly spirometry adherence and quality of spirometry sessions in ILD

CF patients and clinicians in England-wide survey report high value and trust with NuvoAir to detect changes in lung function and monitor lung health

High acceptability of NuvoAir home monitoring with pediatric asthma patients at Royal Brompton Hospital

Successful home administration of biologics for pediatric severe asthma

Swedish pilot shows technology can be used at home by children with CF with positive experience of virtual clinics

Proven effective in driving CF virtual visits

Patient experience with NuvoAir in CF post lung transplant

Pilot study with Royal Brompton Hospital suggests NuvoAir may improve cystic fibrosis outcomes

Air Next home spirometry shows bioequivalence and concordance in a phase 2a Synspira clinical trial

NuvoAir home spirometry suitable for children with CF

Clinical effectiveness and validity of NuvoAir home spirometry in children with CF

Real-world study shows Air Next comparable to office spirometry for children with asthma

AstraZeneca real-world evidence study for a severe asthma treatment uses NuvoAir to monitor and assess lung function

Boston Children's Hospital finds high reliability and good concordance to in-clinic testing with children with CF

Unsupervised NuvoAir home spirometry with children produces high quality measurements

Regeneron observational study uses NuvoAir to monitor effects of allergen exposure on asthma patients

NuvoAir Cough app shows precision rate of 84% in detecting coughs

Royal Brompton Hospital moves 558 CF patients to virtual care supported by NuvoAir

Adults with severe asthma perform high quality unsupervised home spirometry with NuvoAir

Reliable high quality spirometry measurements validate use for remote monitoring of asthma

Unsupervised home spirometry is found equivalent to in-clinic spirometry

NuvoAir unsupervised in-app coaching meets ATS/ERS repeatability criteria for pediatric CF and bronchiectasis patients

Pediatric asthma and cystic fibrosis study validates NuvoAir spirometer against conventional spirometry

Validation of Air Next spirometer with 200 patients across respiratory conditions

200 patient study validates Air Next against Gold standard spirometry

NuvoAir supports 10,000 Families Study for health assessment screening in Minnesota, U.S.

Air Next supports Kazakhstan Academy of Preventive Medicine in assessing lung function changes in a COPD patient population

200-patient study in South Africa validates NuvoAir spirometry

NuvoAir technology supports 26 300 COPD patient study in Germany

NuvoAir technology chosen for lung function monitoring in ALS study

200 patient study at University Hospital Complex of Vigo, Spain validates NuvoAir spirometry technology

Adherence to home telemonitoring for COPD with digital coaching

Digital coaching can be used to obtain high levels of home telemedicine engagement and good adherence to high quality spirometry.

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