Where empathy meets technology

At NuvoAir we want to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered. We want to provide a more patient and human-centric experience in a healthcare system that is still very broken and far too complex to navigate. Whether patients are enrolled into our clinical service or our clinical trial platform, we want to empower them and put them back in the driving seat. We want to provide an experience that our members love, help them live their lives to the fullest - and be paid only when we can demonstrate value for the services provided.

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Headquartered in Boston, MA with our European office in Stockholm, Sweden

We are NuvoAir, a digital health start-up founded in Stockholm Sweden, focused on respiratory care. Breathing is everything. We breathe almost 1 billion times during our lifetime. While most of us take breathing for granted, for 1 out of every 10 people breathing can be a struggle.

Understanding your lung health is vital to living life to its fullest.

Our Partners

Hospitals, universities, pharma companies and CROs around the world have chosen NuvoAir as their respiratory partner. We’re proud to support the work of forward-thinking, innovative players and researchers.

Seattle Children's Hospital
HNS Royal Brompton & Harefield
NHS King's College Hospital
InterMedCon Gmbh
University os Ioannina
Boston Children's Hospital