On-Demand AHIP Webinar | COPD: Facing the Challenges of Complexity and Engagement

Watch NuvoAir's AHIP webinar from September 2022.

Meera MontanPublished on 2022-09-27

NuvoAir recently presented a webinar, hosted by (AHIP), to discuss key challenges in COPD care in the U.S., the costly consequences of its current limitations, and innovative solutions - including pilot results of NuvoAir's new virtual-first respiratory care model that offers continuous proactive, personalized care at scale by blending connected devices, technology and human touch.

Obstacles such as comorbidities, lack of engagement and social needs (SDOH) have continued to thwart traditional efforts for care management, and siloed approaches are unable to attain optimal reach and impact. NuvoAir's Chief Medical Officer, Eric Harker, discussed evidence-based interventions to address challenges of siloed approaches and shared results from NuvoAir’s COPD pilot, which successfully engaged rural patients with complex needs. Participating patients reported an 80% reduction of hospitalizations and an 87% improvement in quality of life.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • The cost and burden of COPD
  • Complexities in COPD care
  • The current care eco-system for managing COPD
  • Pilot results of a virtual-first solution for COPD

If you’d like to learn more about NuvoAir’s virtual-first respiratory care model, please contact Christopher Skowronek at

NuvoAir AHIP Webinar 2022