Meet Fredrik Aidehag: Director of Products at NuvoAir

Meera MontanPublished on 2020-02-20

What do you do at NuvoAir?

I’m the Director of Products. My main focus areas are to shape the experience of our current offering and develop our future products & services. It encompasses everything from interviews with users and stakeholders gathering insights, to producing 3D cad and UI/UX sketch files, as I’m responsible for both Software and Hardware design & development.

Describe a normal day in the NuvoAir office

Being at a startup company that is quickly scaling and expanding means there are no normal days here. What’s common for most of my days is that there is a mix of defining what the user experience should be to the pixel, to technical discussions with our technical engineering team, to more strategic discussions of future opportunities within respiratory care. I really enjoy working in the holistic approach we have here at NuvoAir, having both our own hardware and software as this really gives us unique opportunities to shape our own future. It’s challenging, but we have a great team here, all pulling in the same direction.

Why did you decide to work for NuvoAir?

I’ve been part of the company since day one as I was part of shaping how we could make spirometry more accessible by combining a spirometer with a smartphone. Back then I was part of the design & innovation consultancy Pond, and the first concept of the spirometer was developed as a project in our ‘Labs section’. Later this project spun off to a startup with global reach, NuvoAir. I joined full time in the fall of 2018, as I wanted to focus more on my favourite project, NuvoAir.

What do you enjoy most about working for NuvoAir?

To be part of a dynamic team shaping the future of how healthcare is carried out. Hearing and seeing how our solutions are shaping respiratory patients’ life to the better.

What differentiates NuvoAir from other companies you have worked for?

Previously I’ve always worked for large market leading design & innovation consultancies like IDEO and Pond. One of the great things about working for a consultancy is that you get to experience so many interesting areas. I’ve designed everything from Space Habitat Air Locks for NASA to food philosophy for the Swedish Railway Company SJ. So moving from a consultancy made me a bit afraid I’d miss the diversity in tasks. Turns out I’m doing more diverse things than ever before, but now with a clearer focus and stronger purpose. It’s also a great feeling to go from creating value for someone else to do it for “yourself” and to be part of a long journey ahead.